Chickens & Pigeons

Entry forms due by Friday, August 13th

Organized by: Boe Weeks

Chicken & Pigeon Entry Information

**All entries must be made on an official Franklin County Fair entry form and be sent in. No exceptions!!!! Entry forms can be
printed from this website or picked up at the following businesses: Franklin County Extension Office, Valley Wide, IFA in Preston.

**All entries must be received by Friday, Aug. 13th

Entry form must be mailed to PO Box 6, Preston, ID  83263

Awards & Premiums Premiums –
1st – $3.00, 2nd – $2.00, 3rd – $1.00
Best of Show & 1st & 2nd Runners-up – Trophies

3rd, 4th & 5th runners-up – Rosette Ribbon

Best Cock/Best Hen
$2.00 plus Rosette Ribbon


Entry forms due by Friday, August 12th
  • Exhibitors not living in Franklin County must pay $2.00 entry fee/entry.
  • All recognized standard breeds will be accepted.
  • All exhibits will be fed and watered by the superintendent. Feed will be furnished.
  • No sick or dirty birds will be allowed to enter.
  • Please NO WATER-FOWL! We are not equipped for them.
  • Make sure to indicate if your chickens are large fowl or bantams.
  • If you wish to sell a bird, let the superintendent know, so it can be put in the sale section of the building.
  • When you bring a bird to be entered, please wait to be helped, so if there are any problems they can be solved.
  • Superintendents are not responsible for the loss or injury of any exhibits; every care will be taken to prevent any such thing from happening.
  • Please have entry forms turned in by Aug 9th to give us time to secure a place for your bird.
  • Please use separate forms for Chickens and Pigeons, to relieve problems and confusion. All Chickens/Pigeons & Rabbits must be picked up on Saturday, Aug. 15th!!!  No exceptions!!